Miami Fashion Week
Swim 2015

We Are Handsome

Hotter than hot, We Are Handsome hit the runway at Fashion Week Miami to bring us their latest collection for 2015.

Exotic designs incorporated tropical motifs and animal skin with metallics. More sporty than skimpy, we're again seeing the scuba style suits of the 80s on the catwalk for 2015 - ♥'n!

Catch up on more of Miami Fashion Week Swim, watch Clover Canyon here.

Spring Summer 2015
Emerging Fashion Trends

  • Bra-Baring Kilian KernerImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Bra-Baring Minx by Eva LutzImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Bra-Baring LaurelImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Bra-Baring <br>Cest Tout CenouImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • BlueDimitriImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • BlueIsabell de HillerinImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • BlueUniversitat der Kunste BerlinImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • BluePerret SchaadImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Sheer Shorts <br>Vladimir KaraleevImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Sheer Shorts VektorImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Sheer Shorts LaurelImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Yellow DimitriImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Yellow Holy GhostImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Yellow Lena HoschekImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Cycle Pants OdeurImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Cycle Pants Universitat der Kunste BerlinImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Cycle Pants Vladimir KaraleevImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin showcased four phenomenal days of Spring Summer fashion for 2015. With sporté and leisure styling continuing to enjoy popularity, loose cuts and flexi fabrics reigned supreme. Here's our picks for emerging trends this SS15. Stay tuned for 17 July when we add swimwear to the mix thanks to MBFWSwim in Miami ♥

Stanford Scientists Identify Body Language Tied to Creativity, Learning

By Bjorn Carey

Your body language can hint at your emotional state. Scientists in the Communication Department now find that observing subtle changes in your torso and head movements can predict creative output or learning ability.

A person's shoulder and head movements can indicate their creative output or ability to learn. The ability to quickly scan another person's body language or expression to get a quick read on what they're thinking or feeling is a handy trick that most humans possess. Show up late for dinner, and all it takes is a glance of your mother's body language to know that you're in trouble.

New research by a pair of Stanford scientists reveals that quantitative analysis of such nonverbal cues can indicate a person's ability to learn and the strength of their creative skills.

Source: Stanford News

More than just a pretty face: see more of the latest in research news from all the top universities around the globe at our research news archive.

AW14 Style for Plus-size Girls

Courtesy of The Carpenters Daughter

With every look met by applause at The Carpenters Daughter (TCD) Autumn Winter 2014 show, it's obvious there's something very special about this designer brand.

Producing 100% New Zealand made designs in sizes 12 to 24, it's not just TCD's sizings that are generous. Creative Director Caroline Marr's fan-base are as kind as they are curvy. We've taken the best AW14 looks to bring you the d-low on plus-size style for this season.

The Carpenters Daughter, AW14

Asymmetric hemlines have been seen all over AW14 runways of the Big 4. TCD shows how this cut can also flatter the plus-sized figure. The ruching of the Kelly dress streamlines your shape and simultaneously minimises unwanted bulge. Capitalise on the curves created by resisting the temptation to cover-up with a bulky coat. Style instead with a cropped jacket or fur vest as pictured. Accessorise with a long necklace to draw the eye to your mid-line and you've got a winning look!

The Carpenters Daughter, AW14

Sheer layers may be revealing but don't always have to leave you scantily clad. For this reason we love the styling of TCD's Lace Lounge Dress over striped tights creating an optical illusion with gorgeous movement. With an open rounded neckline the torso is elongated giving a slimming effect. We love this look as a date night or few cheeky drinks alternative ♥ - read more

Canterbury Collections,
Autumn Winter 2014

North met South on Friday night when the best of iD Dunedin and Wellington Fashion Weeks' came together on Christchurch's longest runway; the Tannery Boutique Retail and Arts Emporium.

By far the more social event of recent fashion weeks held around the country, punters went all out for Canterbury Collections on the final night of Canterbury Fashion and Beauty Week 2014.

Along with leading local retailers, ballgown clad guest were treated to new season's collections from top Kiwi designers Devál, Kilt, Anna Stretton and Jane Daniels.

Alasdair and Zac Cassels for Wanderer

As wine from the best regions of the South Island flowed, we took pick of our fave looks from the evening, though none were as spectacular as seeing Father & Son team and Tannery developers, Alasdair and Zac Cassels take to the runway for Wanderer - read more

iD Dunedin Fashion Show 2014

Dunedin Railway Station became New Zealand's longest runway once again this weekend for iD Dunedin Fashion Week's 15th Anniversary Shows.

Sold out crowds were wowed by the dynamic moves of dancers from the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company, who ushered Tamsin Cooper's Autumn Winter 2014 collection onto the 120m long runway.

Image credit: Chris Sullivan

Local veterans NOM*d opened with a punk array of navy plaid and mustard chord for AW14 preceding Otago Polytechnic's School of Design, 2013 Highlights; Lauren Arthur, Justine Tindley, Georgia Ferguson and Hannah Louise Heslop. Trend-spotting, we're obsessed with Heslop's knitted turbans and won't be surprised to see them around more in the very near future - read more

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