Spring Summer 2015
Street Style

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What's the word on the street this Spring Summer 2015? Here's the scoop on which emerging trends we're expecting to see make the transition from runway to walkway this coming season.

New Zealand Fashion Week
PIA, Spring Summer '15

New Zealand designer P I A debuted their fun and playful Spring / Summer '15 collection on the Upper Runway at New Zealand Fashion Week in September.

Image credit: Sam Lee

Returning to New Zealand Fashion Week for the second year in a row, designer Pia Naera revealed a collection in distinct contrast to her previous work. Inspired by the ocean, summer romance, long lasting nights and the adventure of summer, the collection verges on boyish, but stays true to Pia's design aesthetic with girly silhouettes, beautiful fabrics and incredible prints - read more

First scientific report shows police body-worn-cameras can prevent unacceptable use-of-force

As Obama pledges investment in body-worn-camera technology for police officers, researchers say cameras induce "self-awareness" that can prevent unacceptable uses-of-force seen to have tragic consequences in the US over the past year - from New York to Ferguson - but warn that cameras have implications for prosecution and data storage.

"An officer is obliged to issue a warning from the start that an encounter is being filmed, impacting the psyche of all involved by conveying a straightforward, pragmatic message: we are all being watched, videotaped and expected to follow the rules."
- Barak Ariel
Researchers from the University of Cambridge's Institute of Criminology (IoC) have now published the first full scientific study of the landmark crime experiment they conducted on policing with body-worn-cameras in Rialto, California in 2012 - the results of which have been cited by police departments around the world as justification for rolling out this technology.

The experiment showed that - read more

Source: University of Cambridge Research News

More than just a pretty face: see more of the latest in research news from all the top universities around the globe at our research news archive.

One thing we always appreciate about the end of February is not only the fact that we have four big weeks of fresh design to feast our eyes on, but also that somehow the arrival of Fashion Week Autumn/ Fall Winter brings a sense that it's no longer too early to start pondering our wardrobe choices for when the cooler months arrive.

The 90s continue to inspire fashion design for AW14/15. Spaghetti straps are a key feature in tops while pant styles have also been influenced with the reemergence of the humble culotte! A breezy alternative for Autumn/ Fall dressing, culotte were a major feature on Autumn Winter runways this year with the likes of Emporio Armani and Ralph Lauren debuting this cut of trou in their latest collections. Hold that 90s thought and style with a super-chic tailored waist coat for the office, or tie on a felt hat and denim jacket to take it to the street - read more

Autumn Winter 2015

Image credit: Ravi Chand

Salasai's Autumn Winter 2015 collection entitled 'Self Portrait' tells the story of the contemporary woman and her many layers. The show featuring a number of juxtapositions; light and dark, feminine and masculine made for a multi-faceted offering - read more

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