New Zealand Fashion Week
Huffer, Aim

One of New Zealand's most beloved lifestyle clothing brands, Huffer, has launched a collection for women that showcases their mastery in design elegance. Known for their innovation and taking seasonal campaigns to the next level, Huffer launched Aim this week at New Zealand Fashion Week - read more

Autumn Winter 2015

Image credit: Ravi Chand

Salasai's Autumn Winter 2015 collection entitled 'Self Portrait' tells the story of the contemporary woman and her many layers. The show featuring a number of juxtapositions; light and dark, feminine and masculine made for a multi-faceted offering - read more

New Generation

Day 1 at New Zealand Fashion Week went off in tremendous style. Leading the charge; Amber Whitecliffe and Désirée were the first of the New Generation shows.

Amber Whitecliffe

Amber Whitecliffe was first on the runway with a collection that oozed romanticism. Whites and reds dominated the runway with sheer layers, lace and florals. Here's just a few of our faves ♥ - read more

Spring Summer 2015
Emerging Fashion Trends

  • Bra-Baring Kilian KernerImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Bra-Baring Minx by Eva LutzImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Bra-Baring LaurelImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Bra-Baring <br>Cest Tout CenouImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • BlueDimitriImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • BlueIsabell de HillerinImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • BlueUniversitat der Kunste BerlinImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • BluePerret SchaadImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Sheer Shorts <br>Vladimir KaraleevImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Sheer Shorts VektorImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Sheer Shorts LaurelImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Yellow DimitriImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Yellow Holy GhostImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Yellow Lena HoschekImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Cycle Pants OdeurImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Cycle Pants Universitat der Kunste BerlinImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
  • Cycle Pants Vladimir KaraleevImage Credit:
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin & Miami have now showcased several phenomenal days of Spring Summer fashion for 2015. With sporté and leisure styling continuing to enjoy popularity, loose cuts and flexi fabrics reigned supreme. Here's our picks for emerging trends this SS15 ♥

AW14 How To: Velvet

Unleash your inner bogan this Autumn Winter 2014 by adding to your wardrobe the silky woven fabric that has made a maj come back on the runways of the Big 4.

Velvet Detail: Black Velvet Long Sleeve Crop Top, Burgundy Fringe Skirt

Luxe yet functional, the thickness of velvet means you don't have to freeze to be fabulous this AW14. With texture to burn, not much thought to colour is required - keep it simple. Go all black and pay homage to the goth sensibility that is so on trend right now, or channel - read more

Mind and Body: Scientists Identify Immune System Link to Mental Illness

Children with high everyday levels of a protein released into the blood in response to infection are at greater risk of developing depression and psychosis in adulthood, according to new research which suggests a role for the immune system in mental illness.

The study, published today in JAMA Psychiatry, indicates that mental illness and chronic physical illness such as coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes may share common biological mechanisms.

When we are exposed to an infection, for example influenza or a stomach bug, our immune system fights back to control and remove the infection. During this process, immune cells flood the blood stream with proteins such as interleukin-6 (IL-6), a tell-tale marker of infection. However, even when we are healthy, our bodies carry trace levels of these proteins - known as "inflammatory markers" - which rise exponentially in response to infection - read more

Source: University of Cambridge News

More than just a pretty face: see more of the latest in research news from all the top universities around the globe at our research news archive.

Miami Fashion Week
Swim 2015

Minimale Animale

The rock stars of Swim landed at Miami Fashion Week wowing the crowds with their latest collection for 2015.

Catch up on more of Miami Fashion Week Swim, watch We Are Handsome here.

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